The Chop Shop Menu Items

Fresh Cut Meat


We offer a full selection of fresh butchered meats which includes: Steak, Chicken, Wings, Short Ribs, Ground Meat 

Prepared Meals


The Chop Shop wanted to help out and do the cooking for you.  We have a selection of prepared meals.

Large Selection of Sausage


With over 50 flavours of sausage, you will not be disappointed.  All of our sausages are made in house

Seafood Selections


We offer seafood too!  If you are looking for the perfect seafood complement to your steak dinner or prefer something lighter.

Sides and Grocery Items


What BBQ is complete without the perfect side dish.  Round out your meal with one of our delicious side dishes.

High Quality Cheese


We have partnered with Canada's only Cheese Emporium to ensure you have the best selection of cheese in store.